Pro Tools Consultant

Audio and Music
Content Production & Sound Design
  1. Commercials:
    Pepsi Mercedes Visa GE Accenture AT&T Campbell’s Burger King McDonalds Lincoln Mercury Chevy Toyota US Air Citibank Chase Revlon Tums Macy's Sunoco Gillette Kraft
  2. Artists:
    Harry Belafonte Cissy Houston John Mayer Don Cherry Dr. John Queen Latifah Marc Cohn Vicky Sue Robinson Patti Austin Joe Lynn Turner Will Lee Bill Simms Joe Beck BJ Thomas Paul Shaffer Grady Tate Shawn Pelton Donald Harrison Joan Rivers Larry Gatlin Will Downing Jr.
For over 25 years, Joe has been the man behind hundreds of TV & radio commercials and film soundtracks. ​​​​​ He is also a songwriter and singer. 

Joe is a music producer, audio engineer and Certified Avid Expert Pro Tools Instructor. Joe has been active in the audio engineering community and has given back through AES and other associations.

Joe trained countless audio engineers though the years. Teaching techniques in software, various plug-ins, as well as modern recording methods in both analog and digital formats.



Joe has a vast network of musicians and vocalists who can further enhance your songs or music project. If your project needs a specific sound, Joe has access to great bassists, drummers, guitarists, keyboardists and singers.

He can support your recording, engineering, mixing or mastering needs. Our team can also assist you with installation and setup of your home or commercial recording studio as well as offering toutorials on your recording equipment. 

If you need a more polished mix or master, Joe has 25 years of experience to help shape your sound with accutely developed and sophistcated ears.