Pro Tools Consultant

Audio and Music
Content Production & Sound Design


Legal Audio Forensics

Pro Tools Training 

Let me repair and analyze your forensive assets. 

This forensic analysis will help attorneys and law firms by providing quality audio recordings that are clearer and more audible. ​

Proven engineering skills will remove background noise to enhance the speaker voice levels to improve conversations in events relevant to your case argument. All formats of audio can be analyzed. 

This unique process relies upon cutting edge software utilizing a blend of filters, compression and equalization which are implemented in a specific order to enhance the quality for an improved critical listening experience.

These techniques will enhance audio evidence. We agree to further provide you with  security through confidentiality agreements.
Do you want to learn how to use the latest Pro Tools software?  

I can help you develop the skills to engineer your own sessions. 

As a certified AVID trainer for many years, I am versed in all levels of training from basics, intermediate and advanced recording techniques. 
I can help you learn Avid Pro Tools software to navigate the and customize your sessions. I can teach you troubleshooting techniques and help you learn the content for the 3 levels of Avid certification.

I have trained hundreds of students to become fully qualified as Pro Tools Operators and Experts. 

I can help you set up a fully operational home or commercial studio, and streamline  workflow optimization with my decades of experience.     

Music Composition​​​​ & Songwriting​

Audio Engineering 

I ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​can create the songs and music beds you need for your film soundtracks, commericals or other music projects. 

From catchy melodies, hooks and lyrics, I can create the jingles, songs or underscores  you need on-demand.
I can engineer your audio sessions from tracking to editing, mixing, and mastering. 

My skills encompass full sound design services as well as production when necessary.